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Midtown Farm Bed & Breakfast

Access Statement

Entry is by the back of the property, all on one level.

At the door there is a step of 3.5 cms and door width is 75 cms.

Left turn through utility, door width 75 cms, all on one level.

Breakfast room straight ahead, door width 84 cms.

Right turn up 7 steps, width 92 cms, first step 10 cms rise, 30 cms deep and 6 steps 18cms rise and 30 cms deep.

Left turn step width 90 cms, rise 18 cms and 30 cms deep

Six steps width, rise 18 cms and 30 cms deep.

Top of stairs width 94 cms into family/double bedroom. Door 75 cms wide.

Clearance sround be dis 79 cms at narrowest point.

Ensuite door 75 cms. Shower door 46 cms when open with a step up of 20 cms.

There is a light under hospitality table for use in the event of mains light failure, to show the way to the exit.